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Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Changes!

Hello all!
Just a quick update :)
I'm super excited about what I have in store for my blog. I've started it with no real idea of what direction I want to go I've been thinking and researching and now I need to make it happen.
My notes are scattered everywhere, and my computer is full of new headers, buttons, etc! I am excited!
The first thing is now my blog is called "Sugar for Breakfast" instead of "Made Simple Mommy" and it has its own domain!! woo hoo!!
I am working on a TRAVEL section, a FASHION/STYLE section and kicking around the idea of a READING section...still not too sure about that one yet.
Anyways, be patient as I get everything switched over and revved up!
There might be a lack of posts for a bit, but please hang tight and I'm happy for my new blogging journey!

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