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Thursday, May 31, 2012

nook (e-reader) case {Citrus Sister}

This is my new case/cover for my nook color!
I have been on the hunt for a case that closed how I wanted it to, has a place for storage, and holds it in place while I'm using it...and this is the winner!
I found it on my *favorite* shopping site, Etsy. 
This is made by Citrus Sister.
There are tons of cases and covers out for all the e-readers, why did I choose this one?
Well, to start off I purchased the silicone case, and It doesn't protect it when I'm not using it.
Plus, I have dogs, so the random flying hairs tend to stick to it :(
So, this one I chose because:
A) I love the fabric design!
B) I love the stretchy cord to keep it closed
C) It holds my nook in place while I'm reading
D) There is a pocket for storing it when not in use
E) There are 2 smaller pockets that I can keep my post-its of jotted down titles I need to look up
F) I can also store the charging cord in it when traveling
G) It is soft! It is padded! It bends easily and is comfortable to hold while reading
H) It was only $15!

Here is the way it looks while in use. On the opposite side, there is a big pocket for storing it while not in use, or storing the cable for charging when traveling :)

It doesn't interfere with the screen at all while reading.

Citrus Sister has great shipping rates (I think it only cost me $3) and I received it three days after I placed my order.
Check them out. They have so many awesome fabrics to choose from! As well as different closures. It also fits Kindles, and probably any other electronic reading device.
Happy Reading!

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