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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Front Door Initial

A few months ago I did a "front door re-do" and have been wanting to add something to the front door to add a pop of color. Not that it really needs it...
I settled on adding an initial to it, a "C" for our last name, and picked one up at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago when my sister and I went to the Des Moines Farmer's Market. Then it sat at my house, waiting for me to come up with an idea for it. 
Then yesterday while cleaning out some drawers, I came across a new can of metallic aluminum spray paint and decided it would be perfect for my letter C. 
Then it dried. I had to think of what else I wanted to do with it.
I grabbed some scrap chevron fabric, cut out some circles (randomly, they are more like ovals), sewed a button in the middle of a stack of them, and hot glued them on the letter. I added a ribbon to the back and called it good!
It came out well, good enough for me anyhow. It was super simple and virtually free. I paid only $2 for the letter, the fabric were scraps, the buttons were randomly sitting in my drawer, and I used about 3 inches of embroidery floss. Just my kind of project!

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