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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hide That Measuring Cup

Since I bake a lot, measuring cups are my best friend. However, they are bulky and awkward to keep in a drawer. They always seem to jam it up when I'm trying to open it in a hurry, they are always connected and I have to spend time undoing them from that little ring...the list of nuisances goes on and on!
After some searching on Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest I found a few ideas and went with it! This is what I came up with:

The project was relatively simple and very inexpensive. I went to the hardware store and asked for some paint stirrers (he gave me 4 at no charge) and then I picked up a few packages of little twist hooks. I think they were under $1 for each package of 4. I picked up a larger hook and a smaller one also.

Then I cut the weird end off of the stirrer, the one with the notch/curve in it, to make it all rectangle.
I used a primer spray paint, then spray painted them brown, just to "match" the inside of my cupboard doors.
I had a paint pen lying around and so I wrote on the size of the cup or spoon above each hook.
I was going to screw them directly into the cabinet doors, but my husband had a better idea, he drilled a little hole directly through the paint stirrer into the cabinet, and then just screwed the hook in directly through that hole. It worked out perfect!
Each hook holds 3 measuring cups (that's what I have of each size, right now) :)
I think hunt up some more awkward utensils.
No more crazy drawer jams or hunting!

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