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Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Ghostly Foot

It's Halloween time...which means pumpkins, ghosts and witches are popping everywhere for sale. I do love fall decor, however I have never really decorated for the season. I do have a "Welcome" sign on my front door spelled out in pumpkins and with a hint of glitter...but then I across a pin at pinterest and fell in love with the idea. A footprint ghost!

I love footprints and handprints of children, but I never thought of them in such a fun manner before! My daughter is 2 and a a half  so her foot is at a perfect size for this! It was inexpensive, and unlike the original poster from the link in pinterest, Sophia loved getting the bottom of her foot painted white.
I picked up a small wooden plaque at Wal-Mart one day while picking up dog food, and it cost a whopping 99 cents (before tax) I already had black and white craft paints and ribbons on hand. So we painted her foot one afternoon, used a black paint pen to dot on some eyes, hot glued a ribbon to make it girly, as well as some ribbon to hang it up with.
The result was great. Everyone in the family could do it and make a little ghost family! Now my mind is racing with so many print ideas for each season. I'm glad this one of of my first pieces of fall decor...and one I will cherish forever.

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