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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mason Jar + Salt Pourer DIY

I bake. I bake a lot. I'm actually trying to make a name for myself as a in-home baker of cupcakes, cakes, and thick-cut sugar cookies. (
So I keep flour, sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar at an easily accessable spot on my countertop. Baking soda and baking powder are now great because they come in easy-to-use plastic containers. But then there is salt. In the cardboard container. I just hate that it is in a cardboard container. I tried pouring it all into a glass jar on my counter. But that proved not easy to use because you only need a bit at a time...and it took me longer to untwist the lid to the jar. Then there is the mason jar with its wonderful canning lid. I kept the pourer and the rest is making history on my countertop.

Make sure your mason jar is dry.
Remove the inner seal of the lid.
Pour salt into mason jar (it probably won't all fit, I also filled a salt shaker, and just threw away the rest. Wasteful, I know.)

Peel off the label.
I then used an xacto (is that how it is spelled?) knife to cut the white part off.

Place the ring of the lid on the top of the container.
Line up the edge to match the side closest to where the pour spout it.
Trace around the outside of the lid.
Cut out the circle.

Pop the circle into the lid and screw tightly onto the mason jar.
Perfect for displaying on the counter :)

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