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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monster High Coffin Cake

My daughter is almost about 2 1/2 weeks actually :)
My life is full of Phineas and Ferb, Diego, Bubble Guppies and Olivia.
So when I was asked to make a Monster High birthday cake, I was clueless.
She emailed me some of the images and some ideas that people had made for cupcakes, but her daughter wanted a cake.
She wanted it pink and black. I made it and crossed my fingers that it would pass the girl's approval, and it did.
I posted a photo of it on my facebook page and suddenly people were placing orders for their daughter's upcoming birthday. Today I made my second Monster High coffin cake. I thought I would post the photos. I am no cake decorating expert...but hope to be soon!

Both are a marble quarter sheet cake that I cut the coffin shape out of a 9x13 sheet cake pan using a bread knife. I used it because it has a long serrated edge that made it easy to make large cuts.
They are both frosted with buttercream, and have sprinkles around the edge.
Good luck making your Monster High cakes!


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