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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reasons Why I Love You

My husband and I never have really been "Valentine's Day People".
We might go out for dinner if it is on a weekend, and we feel like waiting forever to get into one of our favorite restaurants...otherwise we just stay at home, and give each other a card. This year however he did buy me "Breaking Dawn Part I" was a few days early since I needed it the day it came out (Team Edward) :)
That's when I came across a very popular Pinterest pin, "52 Reasons I Love You" created with a deck of cards.
This was very last minute, so the decorations are pretty much non-existent, but it is simple, just like my hubs!
The directions for making this unique craft can be found on the creator PaperVine's blog.
Her instructions are very clean-cut and easy to follow. The idea is just magnificent.
The only thing I did since I was trying to bust this out quickly is I mod-podged the reasons onto the cards.
He took it to work with him yesterday morning (I left it on the kitchen table for him to find) and there it is staying. All the guys got a kick out of it and they all said they were jealous. ;) Their wives didn't make them anything!
So think away and tell someone 52 reasons why you love them!

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