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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sticky Rice {how to make it}

I have never met a person who doesn't like sticky rice.
Even people who claim not to "like" rice eat sticky rice.
There is just something about it. The fun way to eat it with your fingers, the texture, the bland doesn't-really-taste-like-anything taste. Its just a great side dish with meats. (My favorite is BBQ ribs...ummm YUM!)
My daughter will eat a meal of just sticky rice whenever we make it (at least once a week or so). I roll it into balls and she thinks it is the greatest thing ever!

So many people ask me for the "recipe" for sticky rice.
In truth, there is no recipe. Its just a way of preparing rice. I recently got my sister all set up to make it. Now she wants to make it everyday.
Its really easy, and inexpensive. It just takes a trip to your local Asian Market or Grocery.

First things first. You need the correct rice. Jasmine or long-grain won't work here. You need Sweet Rice.
This is a picture of the type we always purchase...however any rice that says "sweet rice" will do the job.
Then you need the equipment for steaming the rice. A trip to the Asian Grocery would probably be necessary to pick these two things up. They are inexpensive. A wicker steaming basket, and the pot to boil the water in.
Now you are ready to get cooking!
Making sticky rice does take a little pre-planning. The rice must soak in water for no less than four hours. (We have never had good rice turn out when it soaked any less than that). So if you are wanting it for dinner, get it soaking in the morning before you leave for work.
Pour out the amount of rice you want in a bowl.
Then rinse the rice with water until the water starts to turn clear from washing all the dust off of the rice. Then leave the rice soaking in the water. This must be what soaks for several hours.
When you are ready to make the rice, fill the bottom silver pot with water, but  make sure the water doesn't reach the bottom of the basket sitting in it. You want to create steam from the water. Pour out the excess water from the rice, and pour the rice into the wicker basket. Set the basket over the boiling water in the pot, then place a pot lid over the rice to catch the steam
Now this part just takes some time and practice. I let it steam for about 10 minutes, remove the lid and see that the rice is starting to stick together. Pull out the basket, without the lid, and shake it so that the rice bounces up from the cavity just a little bit in one piece. Bounce it until the bottom of the rice becomes the top of the rice. This way the top is at the bottom and can steam together. (I really hope this makes sense. Just toss it until it goes upside-down) :)
Continue to steam for about another 10 minutes or so, or until it looks like a firm ball.
Turn off the water, and dump the rice out into a bowl for serving, or into a wicker sticky rice basket.
If you don't eat it all, cover in saran wrap and place in the refrigerator and reheat in the microwave, or store in a wicker basket for just a day.
You'll be making it all the time!!

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