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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Diaper Caddy

Now that I do in-home daycare, and I have three kiddos that are using some sort of diapers. I have a newborn, one-year-old and one in pull-ups. So that means I have three packages of diapers and three packages of wipes...as well as diaper creams and pastes. Where to put it all?
Roaming through the dollar store I found these great portable plastic storage baskets. There are handles for easy moving, and they have a little give to them so I can smoosh them together in the area I have set aside for them, even when they are full of all the goods for potty time.
I cut out a piece of card stock, wrote each child's name on one, and punched a hole in each using a paper punch. Then I attached each name to the corresponding basket using a binder clip. This way when they graduate from diapers or pull-ups, I can easily attach a new name tag for the next child I might be watching that uses them.
Very simple, and cost me well under $5 for everything to make the three baskets! Perfect for daycare or to keep in the car...at Grandma's house...just about anywhere, really!

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