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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Juicy Smoothie

I just started experimenting in the smoothie world.
I know I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies in my daily diet. Its hard to do!
And I'm trying to diet...trying is the key word.
Watching what I eat is so hard when I bake birthday cakes, and cupcakes and celebration cookies for people on an almost daily basis.
I've done weight watchers in the past, just after they changed to free fruit and vegetables.
That is nice.
With that I mind I started looking into smoothie recipes to see what makes them so great.
Lots of fresh fruits.
I haven't tried veggies in them...yet.
This is one of my favorite combos that I have played around with.
I never used to eat breakfast. Ever. I just never did.
I'm trying to change that.
I either have a fruit smoothie for breakfast or for lunch.
Hopefully it won't be long before I start seeing some benefits from it.
Already I feel fuller longer after I drink one.
Happy smoothie drinking!

Juicy Smoothie

8 oz orange juice (1 cup)
8 oz apple juice (1 cup) - I like to use sugar free, 100% juice.
2 frozen pineapple rings
1 frozen banana, sliced
6 fresh or frozen strawberries

Combine all in a blender.
Pulse until desired consistency is reached.
Pour into a large glass and enjoy your refreshing fruit smoothie!

I slice all the fruit and put enough for each smoothie into small freezer bags and freeze.
Then they are already to toss into the blender with the juice!

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