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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Magnet {sopurdy creations}

My newest favorite thing!
A handmade magnet made from a branch!
Of course while looking for a Father's Day gift for my daughter to give her dad I turned to Etsy. 
I came across these and thought it would be perfect. I showed it to Sophia and her face lit up and she said "Papa can take it to work" and that he did.
We received it yesterday, and the seller, SoPurdy Creations wrapped it in Father's Day tissue paper and tied it with a bow. 
I opened it to look at it, and it was obvious that Sophia wouldn't be able to wait until Sunday to give it to him on Father's Day, so he got it last night :)
They personalize their gifts, so it takes a bit longer for shipping, but it was worth it! 
This magnet is fairly large and was only $6 + shipping. 
SoPurdy Creations sells really neat wooden creations great for any home or for outdoor decorations.

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