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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mason Jar Matchstick Holder

This is a super simple DIY using a Mason Jar.
It seems that mason jars are very a very popular decor item!
They are inexpensive, comes in all kinds of sizes and really are versatile. Not just for canning anymore :)
It is my favorite season...Fall! I love all the different "fall" scented candles and was getting tired of looking at my matchstick box. It was getting crunched in the drawer I kept it in and the box just isn't pretty.
So I poured them out into a mason jar, cut the lighting strip into two pieces, and used a dab of glue to glue it to the flat top of the lid. And voila! A matchstick holder worthy of sitting on the counter!

Sandpaper would also work on the top of the jar, which I'll probably replace the strips with when these get "used".
I also made a DIY Mason Jar Salt Pourer. Check it out here!

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