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Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Children's Books About Diversity

In case you haven't noticed, my daughter is bi-racial. My husband is Cambodian, and I'm...well a mixture of all things white! So that makes Sophia half Asian and half white.
Times have come far, but let's face it, there are still bullies out there and people who don't agree with bi-racial relationships. I only hope she never has to endure any raciest remarks and is accepted by all who come in contact with her.
She is three now and ever since she started learning colors, her favorite has always been brown "because she is brown". Haha! I love her so much!
I want her to be proud of who she is. Brown skin, curly hair, half Asian, half white and all!
I realized that diversity is everywhere among children, and all need to be taught at a young age to accept one another for who they are, what they look like, what they like to do and where they come from.
These 3 books are now our favorite to read about being proud of who you are!

What I Like About Me! by Allia Zobel Nolan

This is a simple board book that talks about all the differences kids have. From glasses and braces to a unibrow and playing in the band! It is very simple and the pictures are bright and cheery. It makes your child think about what they like about themselves.

I Want Your Moo: A Story for Children about Self-Esteem

I Want Your Moo by Marcella Bakur Weiner and Jill Neimark

Toodles, the turkey, is the hunt to find an animal who let him have their sound, as he doesn't like his "gobble gobble" at all. The animals don't want to give them their sound, and in the end Toodles finds out why he has his "gobble gobble" and learns to love himself for who and what he is!

The Skin You Live In by Michael Taylor

This one is my favorite! The book can be a tongue-twister, but it tells an awesome message. My favorite message is that there is "not dumb skin or smart skin...she skin or he skin...tall skin or short skin...but YOU skin" I just love that! it is so true. Skin colors are referred to as fun combinations also, such as "chocolate chip, double dip sundae supreme skin!" and Sophia's favorite is "warm cocoa dream skin". If your child is bi-racial or you just want to teach of all the beautiful skin shades, this is a must-have book!


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