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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cotton Ball Ghosts

I was browsing the internet looking for simple Halloween crafts that my daughter and the daycare kiddos would enjoy doing.
I came across these cut-out ghosts, covered in cotton balls. What a great idea! I've done snowmen with cotton balls, but never thought of ghosts.
So I set off to the Dollar Tree and got the supplies (I really love inexpensive crafts for the kids)

1 bag of cotton balls
1 bottle of white glue
1 package of googly eyes
And computer paper later we had some ghosts!

Cut out the ghost, mine ended up looking like white Pac-Man characters :)
I poured some glue out on a styrofoam plate to let the girls dip the cotton ball in, instead of allowing them to try to glue...they don't quite have that down yet, and we had a great half hour of fun!

Here is my daughter hard at work:

She is working on her lines, as you can tell!

We taped it up on our kitchen cupboard, and she tells everyone "don't worry, it isn't a real ghost"

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