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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 Children's Books on Stress

I want to share some more books we are reading in my house with my three-year-old daughter. There is so much I want her know and be aware of as she gets older and starts school. She is already anxious about going to school :( She doesn't want to leave me, since I'm home with her everyday, which I understand. So we are talking about how it is okay to be apart from one another and the feelings that she has is normal, but they will get better and go away. I found a book about the separation anxiety, and then I kept looking and found an awesome book about worries. Children worry about things just like we do. And lastly I chose to share a book about child meditation. I do believe children need to learn how to calm themselves down and have a quiet place for some time each day just to let their overactive brains catch up with them :)
All of these books are good for ages 4-7 or 8.

When I Miss You

When I Miss You
by Cornelia Maude Spelman

This book is about a guinea pig who gets sad when he has to go school or is left with a babysitter. He misses his mom and dad. But he learns that he can have fun while his parents are away and they will come back.
Peaceful Piggy Meditation (Albert Whitman Prairie Books)
Peaceful Piggy Meditation
by Kerry Lee MacLean

What a neat book! This describes in simple terms ways that children (or piggies) can calm down when they are feeling stressed or nervous about something. It gives great ideas and is a fun read.

Is a Worry Worrying You?
Is A Worry Worrying You?
by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz

This is such a fun story! The illustrations are great, and visualize the worry as a monster-type being. It describes what a worry is and what it feels like. This was my personal favorite for describing to my daughter what worries are.


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