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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where's our Elf?

If your house participates in the "Elf on the Shelf" fun, chances are you are probably looking for creative ways to hide your Elf for your kiddos to find in the morning. I have browsed blogs and Pinterest looking for simple ideas (my daughter senses when I'm up and I do not have very long to get it prepped). So I need simple, yet fun places that don't take much prep work. This is our first time with Elf on the Shelf. My daughter was so very excited when her Elf showed up. Her name is "Dolla" (All I can think of is...."dolla dolla bill y'all!) yeah...she's into strange names. It was that are Shalica? I'm not sure how to spell it, it was that strange. We voted for Dolla to say the least...
Dolla arrived Thanksgiving night, and I will update daily where we find Dolla watching over Sophia!

In our daughter's undies hanging from the Christmas tree! (clean undies of course)

Hanging out on some deer antlers. (I realized I need to dust cobwebs)
Sleeping on the tissue box
Hanging out with Mrs. Potato Head

Eating some leftover Halloween candy.

She left a message with window crayons and sat on the curtain

Elf literally on the shelf :)
Riding Maximus from Tangled

Making snow angels in the sprinkles!
Hanging out on our "name" sign on the fridge

Brushing her teeth with our daughter's toothbrush
Someone wanted to bake
She delivered the "25 Books of Christmas" for the countdown

Hanging around in the bamboo plant

Wearing our daughter's jewelry

Eating Sophia's favorite snack

She turned the milk pink!

Just playing some PS3

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