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Monday, December 17, 2012

Children's Ugly Christmas Sweater {DIY}

What family doesn't enjoy having an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party for their holiday celebration?
Well this Christmas will be my family's first party celebrating in this fun lack of fashion :)
My daughter is three, and finding an ugly Christmas sweater was a bit harder than I imagined it to be. She wants to partake in all the fun. Although, she is a wee bit confused and just calls it an "Ugly Christmas". Every time I can't help but giggle.

This is the final outcome with my daughter modeling it. She wouldn't stand still, but you get the idea. She loves it, and wants to wear it everyday...I said she has to wait for the party, then she can wear it as much as she wants afterwords...I think :)

You really don't need a lot to make this, and I did it for under $10. Even better for something your kid won't really wear again in reality!

  • Sweatshirt
  • Green Puff Paint
  • Miniature Christmas Ornaments
  • Glitter

Take all the strings and hooks out of the mini ornaments. Mine were screwed in, so I just unscrewed the little screw and they were ready to go. The ornaments we had were a little nativity scene.
Using the puff paint, make a Christmas Tree shape. I started at the top of the tree and worked down to the base:

Place the ornaments directly into the wet paint. Where ever there were larger spots of paint, we put an ornament there so it would stick better. Of course we put Baby Jesus at the top :) We also sprinkled some extra fine glitter onto the wet paint to add a little shimmer.

Let it dry completely, give it a little shake to get off the excess glitter, and your wee one has their own Ugly Christmas Sweater like everyone else! There are so many fun things you could put on your tree!

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