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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peppermint Glass Block

My sister, Ann and I recently had a craft day (our first ever). In all seriousness, it was my sister's first time using a hot glue gun. Yep, it is true. It was a proud moment for me watching her use that gun for the first time! :) 
Anyways, we decided to try some fun Christmas crafts we see for sale, and that other people are making. I mean...really, how hard can they be to create ourselves?
Well we soon found out that what envision in our heads is rarely what came out for the end product. Something happens when our hands start working and we are no longer the Martha Stewart we envisioned. 
Just wait til I post some of our other projects we worked on. I thought I would start with the one that didn't come out too shabby for me!

I am sure my sister is blogging about our day also, so be sure to check out her blog over at Lady Loves Coffee.

So let's get crafty!
We purchased all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby, which is awesome because Christmas supplies are typically 50% off of their retail price.

For this project this is what I used:

A Krafty Block (mini-we like to try new stuff out small), Peppermint ornaments, peppermint stick thingies, and mini peppermint ornaments, a red and white twisty ribbon (not pictured), a string of 50 mini lights.
Obviously, going for a "peppermint theme"
On a side note, I over-judged how many ornaments fit into the block...I only used one package of the bigger white and red ornaments.

Then start cramming placing everything in an organized fashion into the block. I cut each of the little wrapped mints off the green stick:

I wanted the lights to come out of the hole at the bottom, so I took some scissors and cut a slit from the outside of the little plastic cap to the little hole in the center of it:

And then I hot glued that cap into place.

I then wrapped my ribbon around  the block several times and glued the ends into place as well. 
Plug it in, and voila!

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