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Friday, December 7, 2012

Personalized Clear Ornaments

As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister and I recently had a craft day. We thought we would try out several different crafts and hope we succeed!
Before I continue, can I just admit that I really thought that "ornament" was "ordament". I mean, I always say ordament and it just rolls off my tongue so much easier that way. So saying ornament can be tricky after saying ordament for so long. Yes, spell check-I am now fully aware that ordament is not a real word...

One ornament that we made that I really love how it turned out was putting acrylic paint into clear glass bulbs and swirling it all around.
It doesn't take much to do it, and no two will ever be the same.
I continued with my "peppermint" kick, and tried making one with red and white paint.
Here's the break-down:

You need acrylic paints, clear ornaments, paint pens, and ribbon for handing the ornament when done.

Squirt in some paint.
It is best to squirt it in on top of each other, then they really start to swirl together.

Start swirling the paint all around. It takes some time to get everything coated, but it does get done.

Using a green paint pen, I wrote "Ho Ho Ho" on one side, the other has our last name and the year. 
Fun for kids to do and write their names on it!

Now these, I didn't bake after I was done and they didn't dry completely as I thought they had, so the paint settled at the bottom. I kept rotating it, and it finally dried okay. 

But after this is done, put them in cool oven, heat to 350° and bake for 30 minutes to dry the paint quicker. 
Add a ribbon and enjoy!

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