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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ring Holder {diy}

A ring holder.
Such a simple idea to keep my ring safe!

I must say that I am pretty excited about this little project I came up with!
Whenever I'm baking, especially when I'm working with dough and flour, I always take off my wedding ring and other rings if I have them on, and just set them on the counter next to me. They still manage to get a flour build-up on them, and I'm lucky that I haven't scooped the ring up with my "throw away" pile. Or have it fall on the floor...or in the drain...etc.
So I was thinking of just screwing a little hook into the wall to hang my ring on.
But then while I was dusting a shelf full of photos I had this little wallet-sized photo frame that was from way back in middle school. I decided I would get crafty and make a fancy ring holder for myself!

This is what the frame looked like before I got the paint and glitter out:

What you need:
  • Wallet-sized picture frame (I think it is 3.5x5 or something close to that)
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Tape or glue
  • Small screw-in hook
  • Glitter or other decorations; if desired
Steps I took:
  • Remove the backing, cardboard (save one of the little cardboard pieces), and glass.
  • Discard the glass
  • Paint the frame 
  • Let dry; paint again if needed
  • Sprinkle with glitter or glue on decoration (sequins, beads, you could get crazy!)
  • Let frame dry completely.
  • Paint the cardboard backing (I chose black)
  • Let the backing dry, paint again if needed
  • Tape or glue the cardboard backing into the frame so it doesn't move
  • Secure the frame back in frame and fasten the little closures
  • Screw the hook in where you'd like through the cardboard and the back
  • Hang frame or set out and use when needed
The frame I used has a back prop, so it sits on top of my iPod dock. I could hang it if I wanted.
When I screwed in the hook, I had to hold the cardboard tightly with the frame and the hook went all the way through. It isn't a long screw on the hook, but it does poke out of the back slightly. You could sand that part off if you needed, but my frame is big enough you don't notice (it poked out just under the back prop)
Mine is pink and glittery because I have a habit of letting my daughter make the decisions, but this could easily be done to match your kitchen decor! 
I got antsy and took this picture before I noticed how sloppy I was and got wet paint on the black backing...so I have touched that up since :)
Have some fun and keep your rings nice and clean!

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