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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Initial Button Craft

I recently ordered a bunch of frames for my daughter's four-year photo shoot, and of course 3 of 9 came with shattered glass. I looked everywhere to find the frames I wanted, and of course they were only available online. I purchased my limit from Amazon, but needed more for what I planned. So, I did some searching and found that the fine establishment WalMart also had them available online.
Needless to say, I received 5 with no problems from Amazon, and 3 of the 4 from WalMart were shattered. I called, they replaced them. A few days later, FedEx left a box at my door, with shards of glass literally poking out of the taped openings. I called WalMart customer service (which is nowhere available on their website I might add, I found it through a search on the internet) and they wanted to send me 3 more. Nope, just refund my money, please!
I took 5 of the 6 frames to get glass cut and added to them at a local glass shop, and counted it as a win. Three extra frames, and glass that cost way less than the picture frames!
I kept one frame empty because I kept seeing an initial framed and made out of button floating around on Pinterest. I decided to make a craft day with my daughter and we made her a big "S" to put in her room!

This is the finished product, propped up on a shelf in her room:

It was really easy, and my four-year-old (who just loves using glue) really had a good time making this!


  • Picture frame, glass removed
  • Fabric, or scrapbook paper
  • Stapler/staples
  • Marker 
  • Craft glue
  • Buttons
I let Sophia pick out the buttons she wanted to use, and of course she chose flowers over plain round ones. :) I rummaged through my scrap fabric and found a dark piece of knit material.
I cut it just a bit larger than the cardboard backing to the picture frame, wrapped the edges around a bit and stapled it in place:

I knew I needed to mark the outline of the S, so Sophia could see where to keep her buttons (with my assistance) and I just free-handed a basic S-shape on the fabric. I thought about it later and I could have gotten real crafty and printed off a fancy, fun font and trace that, but it's all good!

Then we started with the largest buttons and started gluing them in place. Obviously they weren't going to cover every spot due to their shape. But we worked with it, and used the smaller ones to fill in gaps, and then we made a second layer to add some depth and really cover the gaps. Sophia loved how it turned out, and her eager button placement caused the ending shape to be a bit different, but we love it. Especially when it only cost us less than $3 when it was all said and done!

And this is what I did with all the picture frames (I'm glad we don't plan on having any more kids...we have a gallery devoted to my daughter) Excuse my flash...and the beautiful pictures were taken by Audrey Oliphant Photography

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