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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello Thursday!

Wow, did this week fly by for anyone else? It sure did for me!
At first I didn't think it was going to. It started out a bit rocky for this gal.
Do you ever have those moments where you think, "am I having a quarter-life crisis?" {I raise my hand high into the air waving it wildly back and forth} yeah, that was me this week.

Tuesday night my daughter and niece were eating leftovers in the fridge before bedtime. Sophia just figured out how to use the microwave {okay-she knows the "start" button will heat up things just enough for her} so they were having a ball with those leftover pigs-in-a-blanket and the hubs and I didn't pay too much attention. I told them it was bedtime...daughter fought it, I ended up sleeping with the two of them in her twin sized bed, and gave myself a huge pain in my neck. yadda yadda yadda...
Here's the kicker--I got up the next morning to find that they didn't ever shut the refrigerator door when they done the night before!! Everything inside was bad. The light bulb burnt out, my daycare kids would be arriving in less than an hour. Fan-tas-tic morning!

The hubs was off of work, so we, including the daycare kiddos, took a big ol' family trip to the grocery store to restock up! Only to come home and find that our crazy dog, Chuckie aka Chuck Norris, had got out the little side door in his kennel. Not a big issue? Oh yes! For this one-year-old mini Schnauzer/floozie farm dog for a mama it means FREEDOM! In this particular instance it meant "knock over THREE potted plants, tear all the leaves off each and every one of them, spread the soil all over the kitchen floor, knock the glass vase full of water holding peonies all over the soil to make it nice and wet and drag the flowers around the house leaving those itty bitty petals everywhere. Especially behind the couch."
It was a DISASTER when we came home. Plus we had 4 kids with us and over $200 worth of groceries. This is the culprit. The photo is from today - when he decided to eat a pink marker my daughter refused to pick up off of the floor:

To top it all off, last night my laptop took a big ol' crap on me about 7:30 pm-ish and I had to complete an intro speech for my Public Speaking 10pm. So, guess who treated herself to a fancy new $300 laptop from Walmart since that's all my town has? Again, this gal! It isn't what I had in mind {saving for that new Macbook...ahhh that is what I want} but oh well! This one does everything I need it to do. Plus, paying $278 for a computer isn't too shabby. I can't complain!

In comparison, today was fabulous! Menards is having a sale, and I received back a nice rebate from that meant we got our girl a new pool! woo hoo! I am ready to soak up some rays in it! And drink one of these...Coke-n-lime!
Thanks for listening-or reading, rather-my rant. It felt good to get it all out :)

Now, I do love Coca-Cola. Really, I mean love. I enjoy the vanilla variety, the cherry, of course regular, and even the lime. The hubs? Not so much. Only the hard stuff for him ;) When I'm craving a bit of extra flavor, I like to add some frozen lime concentrate to mine. I just buy the concentrate, thaw it enough to make it into ice cubes, and there you have it! An easy way to add some flavor to your Coke! I just add one or two cubes to my glass, pour on the cola, and give it a stir.


1 can frozen lime juice concentrate

Thaw out the concentrate enough to put into ice cube trays and freeze.
Remove desired amount from tray, add to a glass, pour over the Coke. 

You can also just scoop the lime concentrate from the can if you are making a lot

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