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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Raspberry Lemonade Slushie

Look who is finally holding up one of my New Year's Blog Resolutions?
Oh yeah! Finally on track again. Whew. Blogging can be hard work ;)
This is a pretty short and sweet drink that I make quite a bit!
I have a weird obsession with lemonade. I love it! It is definitely one of my favorite drinks. 
Mr. Coca Cola is near and dear to heart though also. Dang pop...
Anywho, as I was saying this is super simple to make. All you need is some lemonade and frozen berries!
Whenever I have fresh berries that I don't think we are eating quick enough, I freeze it up, so it works perfect for this. 
I just toss in some frozen berries with a cup of lemonade, blend, and I have a refreshing slushie!

Raspberry-Lemonade Slushie

8oz lemonade
Handful of frozen raspberries {or other berries}

Sometimes I will add a couple ice cubes to get it slushier

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