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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iowa State Fair 2013

The official closing of summer fun for my family seems to be the Iowa State Fair. It comes in mid-August when it is hot and humid, and we've spent the last year thinking about all the great food we get to eat (typically only that one time a year).
This year the weather was mild and we really enjoyed ourselves. My daughter was eager to go and ride the ferris wheel, get her face painted, and drink lemonade.
We went late in the day this year, and I didn't snap the photos of the butter cow, giant hogs, etc. Because they are the same pretty much every year. But I got some shots of my daughter having a blast!




Sophia decided to try the giant slide for the first time this year. It was fun. The climb stinks, has anyone ever noticed that those steps are incredibly short, making it twice as hard to climb to the top?
I don't have any photos of it, but the smile on her face when we went down was one of those that make you feel amazing as a parent.

And now what we all really go to the fair for...the FOOD!
I tried to snap a picture of everything we ate, but my hubs hates me photographing his food...

Roasted corn-on-the-cob with Greek seasoning (tender and my favorite)

Cajun Cheese Curds (they were salty...regular is better)

Gizmo (aka State Fair Grinder...ground Italian beef, sauce, cheese, hoagie...deliciousness)

Grater Taters...need I say more?

"Look mom, a chip necklace!"

Corn Dog!

Cowboy Nachos (tater chips, pulled pork, bbq sauce, cheese, and jalapenos) so very tasty

Pepperoni Pizza for Sophia

Our FAVORITE stop at the fair...JR donuts to get those warm mini morsels of awesomeness!

She was literally jumping and down she was so excited to get these donuts again!

One turkey leg to go...

Til next year, Iowa State Fair!

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