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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Easy Homemade Salsa

We've been getting tomatoes, apples and pears in abundance from our family and friends.
This has caused me to realize that we need to plant a garden next spring! I already planned one out. I am so excited. It will happen, especially since I have come up with this salsa recipe that husband is in LOVE with. Seriously, I think he is a true addict. I canned  sixteen jars in the past two weeks, and we have six jars left. I have only given one away...

The first time I tried to make salsa...it wasn't a success. It was too spicy and had too much lime. 
So after asking my hubs how he really prefers his salsa (and I really listened) I came up with version. I learned simple is best and you don't need to buy pre-made seasoning packets from the store.
We both prefer "restaurant style" salsa over the chunkier "pico" version of salsa. 

Using vegetables can be a finicky thing since size isn't always uniform. 
To help with that I took pictures of the veggies I used so you can see the size.
This recipe is easy to double, or in my case triple, at one time. 
Blanch your tomatoes first, which is super easy:
  • Bring a stockpot of water to boil
  • Place your tomatoes in the boiling water for a minute
  • Remove to a bowl of cold water
  • The skin should peel right off
I use two pounds of tomatoes and end up getting 32oz of salsa. So it works out pretty well.
If you are going to be storing your salsa, seal and process as you normally would, and remember to sterilize your jars before hand.
Honestly, I haven't processed mine, they are just in the fridge and my hubs is eating an 8oz jar a day...healthy. I know :)

For the two pounds of tomatoes, it varies depending on the type of tomatoes you used.
This is what I picked up at the Des Moines Farmer's Market:

And you need one onion about this size (it fits in your hand):

And of course your jalapenos. You could use whatever pepper you'd like. These ones were kind of little that I got at the market, so I used more, but 1 large jalapeno works out perfect for this salsa. And no, I didn't use the ghost peppers that are in this picture :)

Get out your food processor, cutting board, knife, and jars with seals and lids...you're ready to make some salsa!


2 lbs tomatoes, blanched, peeled, and cut
1 onion, medium-large
1-2jalapenos, cut in half and seeds removed from one half
3-4 tablespoons cilantro
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons salt
Juice from 1/2 fresh lime

In a food processor, process the tomatoes until almost smooth and only small chunks remain.
Pour into a large bowl.
Slice the onion into wedges, place in food processor and process until very small pieces.
Pour into the large bowl.
Cut the jalapeno into small chunks, add to the food processor.
Add the cilantro and garlic to the food process.
Process until the jalapenos are very small pieces
Pour into the large bowl.
Add the salt and juice from the lime to the bowl.
Mix together.
Taste test to make sure it has enough flavor.
Add more of whatever you think (typically another jalapeno, more cilantro, a bit more garlic or salt)
Pour into sterilized canning jars.
Process, if desired or store in the refrigerator.
Remember to let it sit and mesh together for about an hour before serving.
Serve with tortilla chips, over eggs, potatoes, anything you love salsa on!

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