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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Microwave? No Problem...

Popcorn. A quick snack such as pizza rolls. An easy way to defrost meat. Easily melt butter...or chocolate...
All of this is done in your handy dandy microwave.
Who doesn't love their microwave?
We used our's daily. Wait. Did you read that correctly? Used?
As in...we don't use one anymore? Say what? Are we living in America?
Yes. You read that correctly.
I could take a photo of our old microwave. However it is sitting in our cold garage waiting to go to the dump on our next cleaning marathon. So this photo will have to do. I found it online, and it is the same model of what we *used* to use.

The microwave worked gloriously. It heated our food quickly and just right every time. 
My husband's quick snacks before dinner were ready and able to satisfy his intense starvation like nothing else could. Hot dogs, popcorn or mac-n-cheese were set inside at least once a day to fulfill hungry tummies. 
I could wait until the last minute to plan dinner and just pop the frozen chicken or beef in, wait a little time and bam! It was was ready to slice and prepare for dinner. 
But guess what happened?
One day I went to melt some butter for a recipe.
Only this time was unlike any other time before. 
Almost instantly it started to do that whole explosion, scare-the-crap-out-of-you-because-it-acts-like-it-is-truly-going-to-explode-and-the-entire-house-will-explode-with-it thing. 
I shut it off and it stopped instantly. I started it again. Scared. Again. Scared. Finally smoke started to rise out of the little vents inside of it. 
Yep. Our beloved microwave had seen better days. 
But we didn't get rid of it. 
We seriously kept it on our counter for almost THREE weeks before I hauled it out to the garage.
Some part of both the hubs and I were hoping that it would magically start working again.
We would randomly turn it on just to see if would do the explosion thing again. 
It would trick us and act normally for a few seconds. 
A small fleet of hope would course through us and we would both cheer and smile like proud parents.
But, alas...the weird, aluminum foil cooking bright crazy scary light would come back.
Our sadness would return. 
It. Was. Done.

But guess what happened over those weeks? 
We realized we don't need a microwave in our lives!
Sure, it makes things totally easy and time-saving to use one.
But now if we really want popcorn, I do it the "old-fashioned" way on the stove top.
I actually plan out our family meals (New Year's resolution to stop eating out so much), so now I know what meat I need the day before and I set it out to thaw in the fridge the day before, or that morning.
It works.
I melt butter on the stove top (gasp). Chocolate, too (double gasp).
Here is the kicker...we reheat leftovers in the oven (triple gasp)!!!!
My hubs mentioned he is losing weight because he has to really think if the snack he wants is really worth heating up the oven and then waiting for it cook. Most times, it isn't worth it. 

We have more counter space now also!

We moved our coffee maker to where it was. It makes good sense because the mugs are all kept in the cupboard directly above it. Sorry about the jelly on the counter in the photo. We just had breakfast when I decided to snap this photo. We live in our house...

Is it hard being part of the 5% of American homes that don't have a microwave?
Sure it is! But I don't miss it much.
It can be done. Don't rely on the microwave! Make good meals IN THE OVEN!

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