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Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Time Gardeners

Spring is in the air!
Nothing like a couple 60 degree days to make you think about the beautiful sunshine-filled days ahead of us.
So it got my hubs and I to thinking...we need to plant a garden this year. We spend a lot of money every summer on vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Why not harvest our own and save some cash? Ummm...brilliant idea!
Now we are not gardeners. We haven't ever done it. Too be honest, I am a little nervous about killing all the plants by not watering enough or over-watering. And let's not even talk about weeding. Ugh, that thought gives me a headache!
Despite the fears that starting a garden has instilled in us, we decided to persevere and go forth and start germinating some seeds this week.
I did my research on all the veggies we plan on planting this year (we are starting pretty simple and small to get the hang of it) and I learned that tomatoes and peppers need to be started indoors.
I bought a kit for starting the plants indoors, and my seeds from Burpee (they provide excellent planting details on their website for each plant they sell).
Then my daughter and I got busy after her tumbling lesson and planted our seeds!

We followed the simple, fool-proof planting instructions and watered the little dirt pods (I don't remember their technical name) until all were dark brown with moistened soil. Then we tore back the netting a bit at the top, we made a little hole with an unsharpened pencil, popped a few seeds in each one, and covered them back up with the soil. Easy peasy!

And yes, my hubs was eating ice cream from the carton with a spoon while we were doing this...

I will update as soon as they start growing! I'm excited to plant them outdoors in 6-8 weeks :)
We are planning on making some raised garden beds. After some research I found they cost a bit more to start up than a traditional garden in the ground, however I feel for us being beginners we will better be able to manage them. 
I will update when something new happens for us newbies!

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