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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Garden Update!

We have had a fairly mild, rainy summer so far and my garden is definitely reaping the benefits of it!
I did learn that zucchini grows a lot larger than I expected...
But, it's all good!
We love watching all the plants grow and we are eagerly awaiting for the fruits of our labor to start blooming.
Our herb garden has been harvested two times now, which I am so happy about! I was a bit nervous on how they were going to do. In fact, last night I was cutting back the spearmint (which spreads like crazy) and when I walked into our kitchen after washing it all, it smelled like a pack of gum. It was a great smell!
We did have some insane winds during a storm the other day, so all my plants suffered a bit of damage (like practically being bent in half). However, with a little TLC, they are doing alright. I do have one serrano pepper plant that the stem broke almost in half. So I have propped it up and am hoping that it is able to make a full recovery!
The weeds aren't too bad anymore. I was religiously weeding, and now I can do it about every three or four days. That makes me happy because I really hate weeding!

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