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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Asian Pickles {a cookbook review}

I chose to review Asian Pickles by Karen Solomon so I would have some trusty kimchi recipes to give a whirl. What I found in this book was not only easy-to-follow pickling recipes, but ways to serve the pickles and little tidbits of information to make me understand why the recipe is good.
Some of the recipes I don't think I would ever try, just because I don't have the acquired tastes required to enjoy them properly, but most of the book satisfies the fermented food craving my husband so frequently has. 
Many of the recipes require few ingredients, the steps are easy to follow (even the weighing down process needed for some of the pickling), and none of it is intimidating like I was expecting them all to be!
So far, I have some garlic pickling (who knew you could do that?) I am beyond ecstatic to give them a whirl in a few more months. Of course I chose to start with something that takes the longest to ferment! Everything can be done within hours or days. Another thing I was not expecting out these recipes!
I love the variety of foods included, and how Soloman broke down the recipes by region. It always helps to know where the original hails from so you know what to make to serve them with. Or invent new ways to serve them!
I have stocked up on ingredients and I am going to be making some kimchi soon! I am so excited about the pickled Asian Pears also. Karen Soloman made Asian pickling not so scary! I have watched my husband's family do it without much though to what they are doing, and now thanks to this wonderful guide, I can do the same! The long beans recipe was a surprise, but a happy one! That is also next on my to-pickle list!

You may purchase this cookbook here!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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