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Monday, December 1, 2014

Sugar Rush {a cookbook review}

Wow. Johnny Iuzzini is pretty much the king of sugar. Seriously. 
I love to make candy and all things caramel, so I knew I would have a deep interest in this cookbook.
I was spot-on choosing to pick this one up!
His steps are easy to follow, and best of all, there are photographs of EVERYTHING!
So many times when I am working with sugar, the description just isn't enough for me to know when things are ready. I am a visual person and this book lends me a hand by having snapshots of everything, and many include step-by-step photos. 
The pictures are clear and beautifully done. The details of the goodies really shine through on the big, glossy pages of this thick book.
I have managed to make the Salted Caramels so far (which is amazing)! I never knew you could smoke sugar, and the flavor is so intense and definitely worth the extra time to do. My new favorite caramel, that's for sure!
Iuzzini shares tips before harder recipes (such as meringue) which means that anyone will be the sugar master of their own kitchen.  (I am planning to make the eclairs next - he makes it look so simple! Even photos of his filling technique are included!)
I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to take their sugar-candy making skills up to the next level. The broad range of recipes that are included span from super simple recipes like grandma used to make, to more complex recipes that top-notch restaurants receive rave reviews about. 
Nobody can fail with the king of sugar on their side, and this book proves it.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from bloggingforbooks and I am blown away by the beauty of this cookbook! Seriously a sugar rush waiting to happen, just from looking at the pages along!

You can purchase the book here

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