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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bed Redo (& door)

My daughter is at that age where she is starting to want to show her personality in all things.
Namely...her bedroom.

She is all about bright, bold colors and zebra print. 
So we agreed on redoing her bedroom into a "big kid's room" and get it styled how she wants.
(As long as she sleeps all night in it and puts her laundry away among a few other chores. So far, so good!)
Right now it is still the mint green and lavender colors that we painted when she was baby.

Currently we have about 10 paint colors laid out in her room while we try to figure out which ones we are going to grace the walls with.
When I mean my daughter likes bold colors, I mean bold.
Check out the color of her bed now! It is a deep, dark turquoise. It is called peacock blue. I absolutely love it and I'm glad I let her pick because honestly, I wouldn't have ever picked it myself.

Her bed is part of a set that can be turned into bunk beds. I bought the frame from a friend for around $50 and just bought her a new mattress...which makes me jealous because it is better than the mattress in my bed :( I need to save a few more pennies and upgrade mine as well...

Anyways, it is white laminate and shows every scratch.

And, well it is just white.
Boring, plain old white.
I let her pick out the color and then I set to work getting it done.
I didn't get all hardcore and take the bed apart to paint it or anything. 
I'm not going to lie, I did it lazily...I took out the mattress, placed plastic beneath it and set to work!

I mean, I didn't even fill the scratch, I just painted it and then poly-coated it and called it a day. 
It just isn't near as visible now since it isn't white with a big gash in it. 

Sorry for the picture quality...or lack thereof. I used my phone and it just isn't as good as I hoped it would be during the process!

Redoing the bed was very simple.
I didn't prime it.
I didn't sand it.
I painted it.
Then I put polyurethane on it.
Bed completely has new life!

I did the entire bed redo for less than $15.

  • One quart of paint (I chose semi-glossy) in desired color (peacock blue)
  • Small can of polyurethane
  • Plastic drop sheet
  • Paint brushes
I gave the bed a good first coat.
Let it dry. 
Gave it a second coat of paint.
Let it dry.
Coat of polyurethane.
Let it dry.
Coat of polyurethane.
Let it dry and cure for 2 full days before putting the mattress back on.

She loves it! I love it! We have since updated the bedding (to colorful zebra print with new pillows) which really look neat with the color of the bed, they are in a few of the pictures above. I did this about five months ago, and we haven't had any paint peel or scratch. 
Getting good coats of the polyurethane on it helps seal it all and gives it a nice glossy finish.

When we were done painting the bed, I had enough paint leftover that I wanted to paint some other accent in her room, so just her bed wouldn't be this shock of bold blue.

My eyes landed on her boring, plain old white bedroom door. 
Since the paint is semi-glossy I knew it would hold up well to the bustle that goes through her door daily and I gave the front and the back of the door each two coats of paint.

For the edges I wanted to add a shock of color.
She is wanting hot pink on her walls (we have narrowed it down to doing it on the chair rail (I think) and I decided to try painting the edges hot pink. I just used some acrylic craft paint. It took about three coats to get it vibrant, but the end result is pretty dang sweet.

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