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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Banh Mi Handbook- a cookbook review

I chose to get and review this cookbook because my husband is an avid lover Banh Mi, which he makes semi-regularly (when he is ambitious enough). 
He always makes his the same way, which is fine...but this book opened his eyes to all types of new things that he can create for his favorite sandwiches!
The book is easy to follow and nothing is too difficult to actually be able to make. 
The bread into in the beginning of the book is very important! The bread is important to making a proper Banh Mi!
The Banh Mi bread is easy to make, which I did almost immediately. Duck sandwiches with Banh Mi bread is one of my favorites whenever we visit Chinatown in Seattle. 
I wish this cookbook included more pictures of the sandwiches when made. 
I like to be able to see the end product before I make anything. So, the book doesn't have as many snapshots in it as I would personally like to see. 
What it does have though, is an abundance of delicious recipes that will satisfy just about anyone. 
Even is a person who swears they don't like to eat a regular Banh Mi sandwich that is sold at Asian markets, well then they need to be treated from a sandwich created from this book. There are so many fun twists and I like the combinations.
This reminds me of "modern street food" in a way, because the recipes are an exciting uptake on the classic Banh Mi, but it doesn't lose its basic components of the sandwich.

*I received this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review*

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