All About Emily

I'm a wife. A mommy. A twenty-something (almost thirty...eeks!) Soon-to-be college graduate with a dream of being a writer.
Baking and cooking are definitely one of my passions. I grew up in the kitchen with my grandma and they are some of my fondest memories.
I hope to create those types of memories with my daughter. I think we are getting there!
My other passions would be reading and writing.
Combine those together and you have a lady with a cookbook collection that I read casually as though it were a novel...
And leaves me wanting to write my own recipes!
So here we are. My blog is a combination of all the things I love.
Family. Food. Life in general!
I pretend to be a DIYer, and succeed sometimes.
I stay-at-home currently.
I wrote my first novel (now to figure out how to publish it...) I'm working on a children's cookbook (not the cutesy food kind, real food!) and a cookbook with my vegan sister.
Seriously. I love sugar, she loves veggies. Talk about a one-of-a-kind cookbook!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my life. Hopefully you'll find something useful to take into your own kitchen or home.

Thanks for taking the journey with me.


  1. This is just too much of a coincidence! You are married to a Cambodian man, his last name is Chhouy, you use to work in the insurance industry, and you have a beautiful daughter! I too am married to a Cambodian man, his last name is Chhauy, I am currently working in the insurance industry, and I have two beautiful daughters and we both have a love for baking/cooking! LOL This is too funny! haha I stumbled upon your blog looking for a recipe for Khmer eggrolls. I just love your blogs!!! Keep them coming!!

    1. Oh wow! It sounds like we should be best friends :)
      That is so crazy!
      Do you speak Khmer? I can understand it, but the sounds my mouth just cannot make :(
      I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. It is definitely a work-in-progress.
      Thanks for the message, it made me smile and I quickly had to share it with my husband. Small world!!

  2. Hi there Emily,

    I'm Laurence and I'm from the new cooking website Gourmandize ( We're looking to get in touch with the people behind our favorite food blogs on the internet and feature them on our website through email interviews.

    We'd love to interview you for our site, would you be interested?

    Thanks for your time,


    1. I've actually already completed the interview, just this past weekend. I am really getting into the website though, and I really like Gourmandize!! Thanks for asking me, I am so happy to have done it! :)



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